Poker Lingo Tips

Now that online casinos have all those chat room, you will want o be able to understand what some poker players are chatting about when they use some of those interesting phrases they use. You know bingo right – well, you see all those darn chat phrases that go on in those rooms, these days, poker is getting almost as bad really. No, you will not see a bunch of initialed phrases like LOL and the like, but you may see terms like boat, bullets, rainbow and so many more, Instead of being in the dark, here are a few terms to share with you that you will most definitely see in the poker rooms:

Bad beat: When you lose a hand that by many rights you should have won.

Boat: A full house.

Bullets: This is the term used to describe a pair of aces – or at least one of the terms.

Bump: This is a raise.

Calling station: This is many times used by poker player to describe a weak player who plays too many hands they should have ditched really.

Catching perfect-perfect: Having the last 2 cards in a game of poker that complete a straight or flush. This is hand completer if you will (AKA – making runner-runner and backdoor hand).

Door card: The first face up card each player gets.

Heads up: Playing one on one.

On tilt: This is referred to as playing emotionally and quite recklessly. Some poker player engage in this behavior when they are trying to win there losses back – bad always bad.

Pocket: These are down cards or hole cards.

Quads: 4 of a kind.

Rainbow: In flop games, this is a flop that has 3 different suits (thus making flush possibilities not the best).

Scare cards: Up cards that suggest a strong hand.

Set: 3 of a kind (trips).

When playing poker games at online casinos, it is vital that you have the concept of expectation burned in your head. Expectation is a main key in playing poker. This is the amount you expect to gain or lose when making a certain decision. In poker, your expectation will change with each hand since it is based on the cards that are known to you and the amount in the pot. Meaning, say you are in the middle of a hand of Texas Holdem, after the flop is reveled and the turn is revealed, you have 4 cards to a diamond flush. You have seen the 46 other cards in the deck. There are 9 diamonds that will complete your hand for you and 37 cards that will not. This means your odds of making that flush are 37-9.

When you taking into consideration your expectation each and every hand you play (and as time goes by you will be able to do this faster and faster), you will be in the best position when online gambling to make the right move. Fold or stay in the game, you will be able to choose which action to take if you consider your odds. Do not be a calling station if you do not need to be. A calling station is a player who holds on to too many hands in Holdem. As you need to understand, not many hands are played out in this game and some of the other poker games out there, especially the poker games with flops, like stud and such. Get inside the stats when playing poker and you will be much better off. There is some work involved, but this is a game of skill isn’t it?